Adhesive for insulation boards 15 kg

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Adhesive for insulation boards 15 kg

The MAX adhesive is an ideal solution for fixing an insulation board or thin-layer plaster on difficult substrates. Packaging of 15 kg.

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Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 15,3
Components for building-in glue, klebstoff, colle, pegamento, klej, colla, lepidlo, клей



- The Max adhesive is an ideal solution for fixing the IZOL fireplace insulation board, making a mesh reinforced layer or thin-layer plaster on difficult substrates.



- Reinforced with polypropylene fibre

- High flexibility, strength and durability

- Ergo-resistant and waterproof

- Very good adhesion

- Vapour permeable

- Very good operating properties

- Environmentally friendly.



- The substrate must be load-bearing, hard, dry and clean. Layers that weaken binding, e.g. fats, bitumens, dust, weak or cracked plasters, etc., should be removed.

- Unevenness and cavities greater than 10 mm should be repaired with cement mortar. Smaller unevenness can be levelled with MAX glue.

- Levelling or repairing the substrate should be done with a sufficient distance (about 1 day / 1 mm layer thickness) before gluing thermal insulation boards.

- Substrates with high water absorption (e.g. aerated concrete) should be primed approx. 12-24 hours before the work is done.



- Mixing ratio, approx. 2.5-3.0 l of water for 15 kg (bucket) of dry mix;

- Dry mix consumption, dry insulation, approx. 3-4 kg/m2, uneven surfaces, approx. 4-6 kg/m2

- Mortar use time, up to 2 hours;

- Application temperature: from +5°C to +25°C

- Buckets 15 kg +/- 200 g.

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