Ethanol fuel for biofireplaces 3L
  • Ekologia - brak szkodliwych substancji
  • ORYGINALNE BIOPALIWO o zawartości alkoholu min. 96%.
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Ethanol fuel for biofireplaces 3L

Ecological source of energy: bio-ethanol liquid packaging: 3L.

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Technical Specifications

Width (cm) 2,00
Height (cm) 3,00
Depth (cm) 4,00


Thanks to the use of fuel, the bio-fireplace will ignite a bright and lively fire - introducing an exceptionally cosy atmosphere into the interior. The high calorific value of the product makes it efficient and burns for a long time. Biofuel does not produce smoke or soot, so the fireplace will remain cleaner than with traditional fuel.

Fuel can be useful in most houses and flats where a bio-fireplace is installed. The use of this product will make it easier to light up the fireplace, allowing you to introduce an atmospheric atmosphere into the interior, as well as insulate it. The pure consistency of the fuel makes it not only produces a bright and lively flame, but also prevents unpleasant odours from floating in the room. The product has a high calorific value, which affects the length of combustion and increases its efficiency. The fuel has a liquid consistency and does not produce soot - so that both a large part of the fireplace and the furniture in the room will remain clean. You can choose from a variety of packaging capacities, allowing you to find the right product for your application.

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Biofuel surface disinfectant - ethanol spirit over 96% Invoice vat. Personal collection or shipping.

Biofuel or Spirit Ethanol 96%

It is also versatile in use as a cleaning agent and an effective disinfectant for surface disinfection

Composition: ethanol >96%, butane-2-on > 1%


Capacity : 3L packaging

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